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Saint Josephs University Admissions - What It Takes

Saint Josephs University Admissions - What It Takes Saint Josephs University in Philadelphia admits over 78  percent of the applicants. Students with good grades and a strong application are likely to be admitted. To learn about the school, including application requirements and deadlines, be sure to visit the schools website, or get in touch with the admissions office at Saint Josephs. SJU is test-optional, so applicants are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores. They will need to send in an application and high school transcripts, however. Calculate your chances of getting in with this free tool from Cappex. Admissions Data (2016) Saint Josephs University Acceptance Rate: 78  percentTest Scores 25th / 75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 520 / 610SAT Math: 530 / 620What these SAT numbers meanACT Composite: 23  / 28ACT English: 23  / 29ACT Math: 23  / 27What these ACT numbers meanGPA, SAT and ACT Graph for Saint Josephs: SJU is test-optional, but you can see data from Cappex on test scores. International students from non-English speaking countries must submit either a TOEFL or SAT/ACT language to show English proficiency.SAT comparison for Catholic collegesACT comparison for Catholic collegesAtlantic 10 Conference SAT score comparisonAtlantic 10 Conference ACT score comparison Saint Josephs University Description Located on a 103-acre campus in western Philadelphia and Montgomery Country, Saint Josephs University is a highly-regarded private Catholic University with a history dating back to 1851. The colleges strengths in the liberal arts and science earned it a chapter of  Phi Beta Kappa. Many of Saint Josephs most popular and distinguished programs, however, are in business fields. Undergraduates can choose from 75 academic programs. In athletics, the Saint Josephs Hawks compete in the NCAA Division I  Atlantic 10 Conference  as well as the Philadelphia Big 5 conference. Lacrosse competes in the  Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Enrollment (2016) Total Enrollment: 8,415  (5,377  undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 45 percent male / 55 percent female87  percent full-time Costs (2016-17) Tuition and Fees: $43,020Books: $825 (why so much?)Room and Board: $14,524Other Expenses: $1,205Total Cost: $59,574 Saint Josephs University Financial Aid (2015 -16) Percentage of Students Receiving Aid: 97  percentPercentage of Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 97 percentLoans: 60 percentAverage Amount of AidGrants: $22,407Loans: $10,017 Academic Programs Most Popular Majors:  Accounting, Business Administration, English, Finance, Health Services, Marketing, Psychology,  Special EducationWhat major is right for you?  Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Graduation and Retention Rates First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 91  percent4-Year Graduation Rate: 72 percent6-Year Graduation Rate: 80  percent Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Mens Sports:  Lacrosse, Rowing, Cross Country, Track and Field, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, SoccerWomens Sports:  Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Rowing, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field, Cross Country If You Like Saint Josephs, You May Also Like These Schools Fordham University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphDrexel University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphTemple University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Pittsburgh: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphArcadia University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphBoston College: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphJames Madison University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphPennsylvania State University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphSyracuse University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphFairfield University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Delaware: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT Graph Data Source: National Center for Educational Statistics

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Emergency Management System in UK & USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Emergency Management System in UK & USA - Essay Example However, it is an area where both nations have their unique features of emergency management. For instance, UK seems to have incorporated counterterrorism with current homeland security system; whereas the US emphasis on special strategies to combat hazards emerged from terrorism. 2. Animal Emergency Management: As compared to UK, the United States pays higher priority to animal emergency management known as National Animal Health Emergency Management. NAHEMS undertakes the whole responsibilities of co-coordinating the activities of animal health emergency management with other organizations and make preparedness to encounter the emergency conditions. The responsibilities of the organization include coordination of national response infrastructure, coordinated emergency response plans and agreements, research and developments, training, education, and awareness programs ( The animal welfare act 2006 UK enacted general laws intended to ensure the protection of animals. Unlike the US system UK’s regulations mainly focus on provisions of the protection of farmed animals and domestic animals. 3. Emergency Medical Services (EMS): emergency medical service usually includes ambulance service and emergency rescue squad. It refers to ensuring urgent medical care or a higher level of healthcare to individuals with critically ill conditions. One can find considerable differences between the EMS operation systems of UK and the US. As US maintains a free healthcare market, there is no unanimous mode of operation can be found in EMS service. Although the service sector is regulated by government at federal level and more strictly at state levels, it is not solely owned by publicly-funded institutions. In addition to governmental initiatives, numerous private and profit oriented organizations also take part in the US emergency management system. They provide a wide range

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Analysing the financial performace if the automotive industry in the Research Proposal

Analysing the financial performace if the automotive industry in the United states - Research Proposal Example However, between 1920 and 1930, there emerged three giant car producers in the United States. Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. The American automotive industry quickly grew to be the largest in the world. A ranking it held until 1980 when it was overtaken by Japan. America regained the top position only to be passed by another Asian country, China, in 2008 (Goyal, Netessine and Randall, 2012). Currently the American automotive industry is diverse, hosting top car manufacturers from all over the world. The market is dominated by General Motors who, Toyota and Ford, who have a market, share of 18%, 14%, and 13.5% respectively. Other notable manufacturers include Chrysler with 12%, Nissan 9% and Honda 8percentage. Hyundai, Kia, Subaru and BMW also own a collective market share summing up to 15%. Manufacturers are attracted to America because it offers superior infrastructure and a conducive environment for the production of cars. The automotive industry provides direct employment to over 1.8 million Americans. Jobs indirectly linked to the automobile industry in the United States accumulate to 8 million (Goyal, Netessine, and Randall, 2012). The primary reason for me choosing this topic is that the motor industry in America currently plays a very significant role in quality transportation. Taking this account, it is clear to note the importance of the American Automotive industry to Americans and general car users in the rest of the world. The primary aim of this research is to shed light on the financial performance of the American automotive industry. This research will seek to uncover recent financial results of key car manufacturing companies in the United States. The study will also analyze and interpret relevant aspects of finance in the American automotive industry. This research will also aim to find the main reasons for improving or dropping financial results in the industry. The study will examine how companies have managed to cope with challenges

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The portrayal of Crooks In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay Example for Free

The portrayal of Crooks In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck we learn about the daily life of the black stable-buck Crooks and how he is portrayed by the life on the ranch. American people in the 1930s were in the midst of a Great depression. The Great Depression affected everybody. Many people became unemployed and work that was available was hard to find. During the Great Depression, the Wall Street Crash, which was the collapse of the stock market. The shareholders lost lots of money and found it necessary to reduce the number of employed to save money. Between 1928 and 1933, industrial and farm production fell by 40% and wages by 60%. In 1933 14 million were unemployed and farm prices had fallen, so the cost of transporting animals cost more than the animals were worth and the income slipped to $5 billion. Therefore, for the white worker life was exceptionally hard. Also in the 1930s, black people suffered from racial prejudice. This made the blacks feel worthless and they did not mix with the whites. The cause of this prejudice was the reminisce of the slave trade which happened in the 18th and 19th century. White Americans considered the blacks as worthless and treated them as lowly citizens, perhaps comparable to that of animals. When people saw sense the law changed and the slave trade was stopped. In edition to the effects of the Great Depression, and the inequality white workers suffered is the issue of racial prejudice. In the novel, John Steinbeck creates a character called Crooks. He excludes himself from the white workers because of the racial prejudice he has suffered in the past. Crooks lives in the harness room instead of the bunk house with the white workers, this is the result of many years of racial prejudice and exclusion. had his bunk in the harness room Crooks is a tall old black man with a crooked back. He has no friends in the ranch because he is only the black man and the white workers dont like to mix with him. guys dont come into a colored mans room very much. Crooks is permanent to the ranch as the others are not, so over the years he has picked up more possessions. As he lives in his own room he can also have more things than the other workers and he can leave all his objects on the floor. The result of an accident made his back go cripple, this meant it was hard to travel and this helped to gain personal possessions. scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions being a stable buck and a cripple, he was more permanent As Crooks was cripple he felt intimidated so he had a shot gun in his room. Although it could be used for shooting vermin and for his job, but it might also be used for the intimidation of other people. and a single-barreled shotgun. In the novel it tells us that Crooks has lots of books, this includes the Californian civil rights book. These books seem to comfort him as he has no friends. The civil rights book shows us that he knows his rights and knows how he should be treated a mauled copy of the Californian civil rights code for 1905. In addition to Crooks loneliness and isolation the dialogue between Crooks and Lennie is tight and Crooks seems to be angry at Lennie for coming into his room to be friendly. you got no right to come in my room you go on get outta my room. Crooks also might be afraid of Lennie. This might be because Lennie is a big man and he does not know his own strength. a huge man He stood up and moved dangerously towards Crooks. Whilst Crooks and Lennie are talking Crooks makes Lennie get angry because he said that George might not come back. Lennie relies on George for everything and he would not like it if George left him. Spose George dont come back no more. ` George wouldnt do nothing like that. I been with George a long time. Hell come back tonight -` Lennie has a very babyish mind and can really only talk about one thing. He gets obsessions. Like when he was talking to Crooks, he would not stop talking about what George and him are going to do when they get enough money and slims pups that he likes. The rabbits were gonna get, and I get to tend em How long do you think itll be before them pups will be old enough to pet? Crooks thinks it funny to discriminate Lennie because of his simple mind. This is because Lennie relies on George and Crooks has picked up on it and calls him names. Your crazy as a wedge. Jus talks, an you dont understand nothing. Besides Crooks experiencing loneliness another character in the novel Curleys wife also experiences it because she is the only woman in the ranch. Curleys wife admits to Lennie that she is lonely and that she only wants someone to talk to. I get lonely. The reason why she is lonely is because she lives in a patriarchal society. The male dominated society means that when she is bored she flirts with all the men and they think that she is always giving them the eye. I seen her give slim the eye. Today, there is still an issue on racism. In the fifties and the sixties a lot of icons have come forward to fight the rights of inequality. Some of the main ones are Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. Martin Luther King fought in the non violence matter and Malcolm X fought in the violence matter. Although they both fought for freedom. Here is a piece from his speech: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal. To the present day people have died through racism, but it is not so much an issue. People have been brought up to treat everyone as equals, although there are a small minority that dont. This shows that the 1930s were prone to racism and loneliness among blacks and that nowadays there is little.

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Abortion Essay -- Increase Abortion Availability

Should abortion be allowed in the United States? If so, then under what circumstances? Abortion has been one of the most heatedly debated topics in the U.S. for more than a century. This paper explores the history and international use of abortion, as well as the empirical and moral claims made by both sides of the issue. We will also examine the key positions taken on abortion and look at those affected by it. Based on extensive research and analysis, this paper will recommend that the government increase abortion funding and availability. Abortion History: Abortion has been around since the earliest times. The first recorded abortion recipe dates back to 2600 B.C. (â€Å"History of Abortion†). Ancient societies supported abortion as a means of controlling the population (â€Å"Abortion in Law, History, and Religion†). The first known abortion regulation was outlined in 4th century A.D. when St. Augustine declared Catholic law to allow abortion up to 80 days for the female fetus and 40 days for the male fetus (â€Å"History of Abortion†). However, in 1588 Pope Sixtus publicly forbade all abortions (â€Å"History of Abortion†). One of the first countries to outlaw abortion by law, Great Britain, declared abortion a misdemeanor in 1803 (â€Å"History of Abortion†). In the United States, abortion laws began to appear in the nineteenth century (â€Å"Abortion in Law, History, and Religion†). Public and legal attitudes toward abortion have significantly changed in America since 1800. Women in the early 1800’s rarely sought abortion, even though legal restriction to obtain an abortion was almost non-existent (Sauer). Until the mid-nineteenth century, first trimester abortions were legal under common law (Abortion in Law, History, and Religio...>. {scholarly primary; print via the internet; authoritative} Yishai, Yael. â€Å"Public Ideas and Public Policy: Abortion Politics in Four Democracies.† Comparative Politics, Vol. 25, No. 2. (Jan., 2013), pp. 207-228. Web. 1 May 2015. . {primary scholarly; print via internet; authoritative} Zhou, W., et al. â€Å"Risk of Spontaneous Abortion Following Induce Abortion.† Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Jan. 2010. Web. 1 May 2015. . {scholarly primary; print via the internet; authoritative}

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Avon Marketing Strategy

Brainstorm for a few moments and come up with a list of five samples you could use in your professional portfolio. For each sample, indicate the skills and abilities that are reflected. Samples that I can add to my professional portfolio are : Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees, Community service, Volunteer work, Academic Record Newspaper or articles relating to your awards or achievements. 2. Lists two of the five visual perception tips discussed in this chapter that you want to keep in mind when you develop your own portfolio. * Title, Headings and Captions * Graphic images 3.What is another source of visual graphics that you use in your portfolio besides standard clip art? Photos, illustrations, maps and charts. 4. What are some advantages of the electronic portfolio? Advantages * It allows employers to look at your material at their convenience. * It allows employers to spend more time reviewing your qualifications outside the interview * It allows employers to conveniently share your portfolios with others. * setting. It is easy to update by deleting, adding, or changing electronic materials or links quickly.Here is when an electronic portfolio Is more flexible than paper based oratorios- changes can be made in minutes. 5. Describe an Interview scenario where you could easily refer to your professional portfolio. * I was called for an interview in a big organization. The of the Interview the human resources manager starts talking to me In his office, and he starts asking me questions and more questions about me and my professional life. At the end of the Interview he ask me if I have a diploma or master degree then that's when I show my professional portfolio where he can easily read In detail all my studies and achievements.

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Military Involvement Of The Oklahoma City National Memorial

Lastly, although not an easily overcome controversial challenge that this community was forced to face was ultimately the trial of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Due to the psychological stress this incident rooted in a portion of the people involved, it is understandable to comprehend why the judicial process of these two individuals caused issues to some extent. Eventually with the conclusion of the legal process, the strenuous atmosphere surrounding the trial, and ultimately the completion of the Oklahoma City National Memorial to honor those lives lost that day, the last challenge this community face was overcome. With such a disaster occurring on U.S. soil, there was without question knowledge that there would be a necessity of†¦show more content†¦The Stafford act is the â€Å"backbone† to any assistance provided by the federal government in the aftermath of a disaster, specifically in this case the Military Support to Civil Authorities (MSCA). Originally amended from its predecessor, the Disaster Relief act of 1974, the Stafford act was implemented in 1988. In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, there is an exception to the use of military resources through solely the authority provided from the Stafford Act, and that is the Immediate Response Authority based under the MSCA. This exception allows a local military commander to provide assistance through resources and personnel to civil authorities before authorization was handed down. According to the U.S. Army, â€Å"At the scene, some 100 Guardmembers immediately helped the search for survivors. They set up an emergency operations center and reported to the state s civil emergency management agency† (Smith, 2010). Hastily following these actions, assistance came from two local military bases, Fort Sill and Tinker Air Force Base, where the commanding officers authorized a variety of equipment and personnel to assist before the federal government authorized assistance. Fort Sill, an Army installation approximately an hour and a half away from Oklahoma City, â€Å"Fort Sill released two medical evacuation helicopters, explosive